Flip Fabrique - Six ˚ teaser

Studio Élement
Jason Arbour
Full credits

Production : Studio Element in collaboration with Flip Fabrique
Director : Jason Arbour / Studio Element
Editor : Jason Arbour / Studio Element
DOP : David Vachon
Color Grading : Nicolas Lemay / Studio Element
Online: Thierry Roussel-Garneau / Studio Element

With only six degrees of separation, we are all connected. That means we, the performers, and you, the audience, are much closer than you think! On the stage, six envelopes contain six mysterious invitations for six strangers. The guests have arrived, but one is missing. What to do while we wait?

When renowned performer Jamie Adkins and his friends drop by, get ready for a wild ride! FLIP Fabrique’s ingenious brand of acrobatic physical comedy makes everyday situations a celebration of the extraordinary.

Six° explores the sweet madness of waiting, the intricate beauty in a correspondence, unexpected encounters, joyful laughter, and breathtaking feats of acrobatics.



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